Wednesday, August 31, 2011

visiting the zoo | personal

Last month my parents and I took little H to the Oregon Zoo and had a great time! She loves seeing all the animals and I love taking lots of pictures of her. :)

(This was one of the first times I attempted to use my camera in manual mode... and it shows. I'm sorry in advance if any of the photos are out of focus or overexposed!)

 Getting ready to go by looking at some not-so-wild animals

Climbing on some rocks

 She loved the waterfall!

 Through the tunnel


 Lots of fish

 Watching the ducks


 Comparing herself to bears...

 Ice cream break!

 Riding on "pretend animals"


These were the only lions we got to see because it was too hot for the real lions to come out. Maybe next time!

 Swinging like a monkey

 The petting zoo was the highlight of the trip!

 I think I love the zoo almost as much as my little girl does. :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hairstyles | pinspiration

When I have short hair, I want long hair. When I have long hair, I want short hair. I never really want medium hair, and I've always wanted curly hair.

What's a girl to do?? Look at all the different styles and lengths over on Pinterest, of course! And then feature some of my favorites on my blog. :)

Short hairstyles, could work right now (or very soon!):

 via squidoo

 via style bistro

Mid-length styles, for that awkward it's-not-short-and-cute-but-not-long-and-gorgeous-yet-either hair:

Long styles... I have a while before I can do any of these. :)


 via pinterest

Cute and fun up-dos:

 via pinterest

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